Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We believe in transparency of the relations and solutions, so we always show our service portfolio to all the customers. If any customer has any query on that, we request them to clear it before signing the deal. We have created a policy to set the rules for the cancellation and refund purpose.

If the client wants to cancel the deal then they could do that in only 7 days since the deal is signed. The deal cancel within these days is only applicable for refund process.

If the client cancels the deal after these days, then there will be no refund of money. It all depend on the customer if they want to use the services or not.

If the customer chooses monthly plan, then they will be billed monthly. In that case, they can cancel the next month service giving one month prior notice.

Payment done for the past services is not applicable for refund process.

Refund process takes around 4-5 business days to process.


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